Report: Nintendo Producing 16 Million Switch Units for FY 2017/2018, 10 Million in Sales Expected

Well now, Nintendo has reportedly adjusted nearly every metric for the next fiscal year for Switch. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has doubled their Switch production lines for the next fiscal year from 8 million units to 16 million units, with them expecting to sell 10 million of those units during the fiscal year 2017/2018 (April 2017 through March 2018). They also adjusted their expected first month sales from 2 million to 2.5 million units.

That means over the span of 13 months, Nintendo expects to now sell 12.5 million units while having a 6 million unit surplus either in stores or in warehouses ready to go to maintain a study supply stream for fiscal year 2018/2019. It also means Nintendo is prepared in case they are under-projecting sales too, unlike with the Wii which suffered nearly two years of supply constraints.

Needless to say, Nintendo feels like they have a hit on their hands that may surpass total Wii U sales by this time next year. Time will tell if the Switch will maintain the current momentum it most obviously has, once which is seeing literally every single unit snatched up as soon as they hit store shelves.

Source: Wall Street Journal