Report: New Super Mario Bros. is Heading to Nvidia Shield in China

Hold the phone, Nintendo is releasing one of their most successful games in over the last couple decades on a device that is not only not a Nintendo based console, but is also not a mobile phone (smart device) platform either. According to a news site out of China (as translated by Daniel Ahmad, an industry analyst, on Twitter), New Super Mario Bros. (2006) has been approved for release on the Nvidia Shield in China. According to the report, this is the first game in what is a long standing content partnership between Nvidia and Nintendo for releasing older games on the Shield.

It is unclear if this extends beyond the Chinese marketplace at this time. Nintendo has been trying to sort out a plan to penetrate the Chinese marketplace successfully for some time,  given the that the market place there is very different than most of the world. They haven’t had a ton of success, so a move like this may indeed make at on of sense for Nintendo moving forward. They already have a working hardware relationship with Nvidia, and Nintendo will likely still get pretty big cuts of every game sold on the Shield platform. The curious prospect is if that means the Shield and Shield TV will also get these games outside of china.

Do you think this is a smart approach to Nintendo trying to penetrate the Chinese marketplace?

Source: Twitter

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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