Reggie Fils-Aime: Nintendo is an Entertainment Company

Reggie Fils-Aime spoke at the annual GeekWire Summit in Seattle and the focus was less about where Nintendo has been before and what they are doing moving forward, and more about trying to change the way Nintendo is perceived. 

In short, he said Nintendo is an entertainment company, not a video game company. He sepearated things out into 3 specific tiers. One of them being the obvious video game space. The other, being the mobile gaming space. With the third being theme parks, movies, merchandise, and all that stuff in-between. He had more to say of course of some of these approaches:

That’s our vision for mobile: to deliver our intellectual property in compelling ways to consumers who may not have experienced those properties before. A belief that they’ll come back, maybe buy a Mario T-shirt, eat that Mario cereal, or buy a Switch, because of affiliation and affection they have with that IP.

He also went on to point out how their traditional console games don’t translate to mobile:

Home system games, if transplanted to a mobile device, wouldn’t transfer as well. We needed to work through monetization… as we’re driven to make money. And we needed to work through how to be effective on platforms and marketplaces that we ourselves don’t own. That took time.

I’m not sure how I feel about this personally. This is mostly a play on words really, but two of those tiers are quite literally related to video games, with the third being built off the IP’s they have established in the other two. I’m not sure why Nintendo appears to be vehemently attempting to distance themselves from being looked at as a video game company, while still operating most of their business dealings around things that originated in the video game arena.

This is perhaps a question that will be answered in interviews down the road. What are your thoughts?