Reggie Explains Why The Game Awards Are Important

This past week we had The Game Awards, which Nintendo has had a huge presence at all 4 years of it’s existence. While Breath of the Wild arguably stole the show with the debute of the Champion’s Ballad DLC and winning the Game of the Year award, a lot of folks are now looking forward to 2018 due to the porting of Bayonetta 1+2, and then possibly 2019 when Bayonetta 3 may be arriving exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

While I have my own reasons why I think The Game Awards are very important for this industry, Nintendo’s own Reggie Fils-Aime weighed in on their importance:

“Like the best books, movies and music, video games can have complex characters, tell interesting stories or simply provide fun, escapist entertainment. It’s appropriate for us to step back and recognize the incredible artistic achievements that bring joy to millions of people worldwide. The Game Awards is our way of recognizing the fun and beauty of video games, along with the talented people who create them.”

I have to say, he sums it up pretty well. Having an industry wide award ceremony is certainly one of the very best ways to recognize the entire gaming industry and the talented people within it.

Source: L.A. Times