Recent Developer Switch Update Gives a 25% Optional Boost in Handheld Mode

To clear any confusion off the bat, that’s a 25% optional handheld boost over the base clock when in handheld mode, which is significantly less than the base clock when docked. I’ve noticed many fans at other places taking this news out of context to suggest the system is more powerful when undocked. A silly notion of course.

That being said, what kind of boost is this? According to digital foundry, it looks like this:

Available CPU Speeds Available GPU Speeds Available Memory Controller Speeds
Undocked 1020MHz 307.2MHz/384MHz 1331.2MHz
Docked 1020MHz 307.2MHz/384MHz/768MHz 1331.2MHz/1600MHz

Essentially, there is a new “middle ground” speed developers can optionally boost the GPU too, though it’s still only half the performance essentially of the base clock of the GPU in docked mode. Digital Foundry also summarized a bunch of other information, but a lot of it is speculative based on some images of an opened up Switch. The only real important take away is the aforementioned boost and the fact the Switch’s X1 chip looks almost identical to their NVidia’s latest X1 chip on their new devices.

You can read more about their speculation of the tear-down here.