Nintendo and SCRAP Team Up to Launch Real Life Zelda “Escape Room”

Have you ever wanted the Zelda universe to be real? Your dream has come true, at least for a short time. Nintendo has teamed up with Scrap, an escape room company, to bring to life a six person adventure. You may be wondering what escaping a room has to do with Zelda. Good news, it has nothing to do with escaping a room. If you go to Scrap Zelda and look at their FAQ you will find this,

“…this is NOT a traditional escape room (i.e. locked inside a room). It is a fully hosted, story-based escape event designed for puzzle fans and fans of the Zelda franchise. There will be multiple teams in the event space all participating at the same time, and each team will have their own table to work at when not exploring.”

Scrap Entertainment is not new to the scene. They have been creating escape rooms and live events since 2007. They are the record holder for the largest escape game held in North America with over 6,000 players in the same day. The success rate of solving their puzzles is said to be 2% on their website or 10% in their video, either way the challenge will be real. You will be racing against the clock to solve puzzles, look for clues, and find items. Bring your thinking caps and up to six friends. If you don’t have six friends to accompany you to the event, don’t worry, they will team you up with others.

At the event they will have exclusive Defenders of the Triforce merchandise only available in person at the events to purchase, so be sure to have your giants wallet full of rupees. Cosplay is allowed and encouraged just don’t bring any dangerous items or costume pieces. They recommend wearing clothes comfortable enough that you can explore and search for items, so if you’re cosplaying, be sure to plan accordingly. In one of their videos they show people crouching down, reaching behind objects, and lying on the floor looking underneath objects. They allow photography but they ask that you do not upload pictures of clues or spoilers so as not to affect other peoples experience. Here are the locations and dates,

San Francisco Jan 31 – Feb 5

Los Angeles Feb 10 – Feb 12

Phoenix Feb 15 – Feb 17

San Diego Feb 24 – Feb 25

Seattle, Chicago, Houston, and New York have yet to be announced and more information will be available about these locations on January 3rd, 2017.

This is going to be an adventure like no other. Since there is still a couple of months until Defenders of the Triforce goes live, it will give you time to find your Lens of Truth, Triforce of Wisdom, and all of your rupees. It might not be a bad idea to brush up on your ocarina skills too. The chance to live inside the Zelda universe is something most people never thought possible, these are exciting times! So get your tickets, arrive the recommended 15 minutes early, and get ready to be the Defender of the Triforce.

Source: Scrap Zelda and Nintendo of America

  • Joseph Glenn McCord

    And, of course, it’s all on the other side of the country.

    Maybe the Chicago one could be viable, but that’s still something like a three hour drive. If they ever come to Grand Rapids, though, I’ll be all over it.

    • Oh yeah, Chicago is my only shot and it’s a cool 3 or 4 hour drive for me. Doable, though, but I’d have to make some other plans if I am going to make a trip like that.