Random Breath of the Wild Glitch Sends the Master Sword to the Forest, Screws Up the Inventory Screen

Well, this is a fun one. As with any video game in existence, Breath of the Wild has its fair share of glitches (though so far, few if any have been truly game breaking). With a world as big as the one in this game, new glitches will likely be discovered for decades to come. However, this recent discovery is a bit of a fun one as not only does it magically send the Master Sword back to the forest (so the game actually tells you, but it’s still in your inventory), but it also messes severely with Link’s character model on the inventory screen. Ever want to see Link bald? How about missing everything but his face? This glitch has you covered.

The video above is by YouTuber versat13.

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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  • XNinja169

    Are corrupt saves a thing in this game?