Rainway (PC Streaming App) Teases “Exciting News” Tomorrow

Rainway is an app that allows folks to stream PC games and they have been teasing for a long time now that they are trying to get the app up on Nintendo Switch. This is some pretty big news, as this would enable your Switch to stream all PC games directly to it presumably anywhere you have an internet connection (similar to how the Vita and PSP could stream PS3/PS4 games). Here is the tease:


Of note, the timing of this announcement may or may not have anything to do with Nintendo. That would be after Nintendo Spotlight, though Reggie said they do have more new announcements coming in the first hour of the Nintendo Treehouse live stream. Of course, this could be an announcement that comes in a different form for something else entirely on one of the 100’s of live streaming events going on at E3. But, given that the app has never been “officially announced” for Switch, it would be a pretty stellar opportunity, as the crowd that watches E3 would certainly be interested in this kind of news.

Source: Twitter

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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