Junichi Masuda, the Pokemon series producer, seems really excited about the Nintendo Switch. He recently sat down for an interview with Meristation where said the Nintendo Switch “is the future”. However, they are taking a wait and see approach in regards to Pokemon. They want to see the Nintendo Switch release publicly and see how they react before deciding what direction Pokemon will take on the platform.

He did reassure people that regardless of what happens with the Switch’s reception, Game Freak is sticking with Nintendo (and always will) as they recognize that is where their fans are, and that there is that intrinsic connection between their work and Nintendo’s in house stuff.

Obviously this fly’s a bit in the face of the Pokemon Stars rumors, which is supposedly the third title in the Pokemon Sun and Moon generation that’s Switch exclusive. Are the rumors correct and Masuda is simply forgoing the entire conversation for now, or are they incorrect and Game Freak has literally nothing in the works for the Switch? Hopefully we’ll find out on January 12th.

Source: Meristation