Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Final Demo Event Today!


The Pokemon Sun and Moon demo has been lined with time sensitive surprises since it launched in October. Today, however, we see the end to this as the last event plays out giving you a comet shard that can be transferred into the full version of the games.   From an Ash Greninja to cool items, teasers, and an Alolan form reveal it’s been a fun ride.

For the final event to activate  travel south to the marina and go inside. There you will find a woman in shorts standing near the chairs, speak with her. She will ask if you want to see her off on her voyage, after clicking yes a cutscene will trigger of her going through the gates to board a boat home. You will attain the Comet Shard during this and afterward the game will save your progress to ensure your item is ready to transfer to the full versions. Please note that you must first have a save data file in the full versions before you can transfer any items or Ash Greninja from the demo.

While the ending of events is bittersweet, it certainly eludes to a very impressive formula for the upcoming release of the full games next week. To keep up with all the Pokemon Sun and Moon news, be sure to keep checking back with us daily.

How do you feel about the demo? Let us know in the comments below!

Source:Nintendo Everything

  • Chi

    Not the last day for me… she leaves in a week for me…

    • Kazuki

      It takes after the time you first started the demo, if you played when the demo first came out, then the event would’ve been today for you as well.

      • Shadow

        I played the demo either the first or second day it was available (I’m not sure which exactly) and the days are still off with many days. Tomorrow I will be able to do the second-to-last event.

        • Lacri

          Did you put the clocks back on your ds after starting the demo? It affects the timer

          • pokedude583

            Oh, that’ll explain why the event is now eleven days away for me. Good damn it Animal Crossing! Damn you and your making me change the date and time!

            Also, DST ended, so I would’ve changed the time on my 3DS anyway… Why didn’t Ninty think of that? Mumble grumble…

          • Lacri

            I think they *did* think of it – they did it deliberately to stop everyone from adjusting their clock and instantly unlocking all the events at once, which would reduce the playability of the demo.
            The fact that DST happened was just a coincidence. iirc, Japan and other Eastern countries don’t utilise DST or any changes to their time systems, so it isn’t seen as too big of a deal for them – I just did mine before starting the demo so it wouldn’t be an issue ^^

        • Kazuki

          Well, only by one day is not an issue :p