Pokémon Sun and Moon Details From Final Game Get Leaked

It really goes without any saying, but this post is going to contain heavy spoilers for Pokémon Sun and Moon. An anonymous person on 4chan has a retail copy of the the game(s) and is spoiling as much about the titles as they can. It is unclear if this is just a lucky consumer that bought a copy at a retailer who had them out too soon, or if it’s from someone in the video game media sphere who is breaking their NDA entirely. What is known is that the leak itself is legit.

Is that enough of a precursor for you? Well, here is all that has been gathered up so far:

Story Details:

  • Hala’s team is makuhita, mankey, and crabrawler.
  • you get zygarde cube VERY early, at start of second island, zgarde cells are collectable as you play through the game.
  • Second island had four trials, vs totem wishiwash with lana, vs totem salazzle with kiawe, vs totem lurantis with mallow, vs rock kahuna olivia.
  • During story you go to aether paradise and battle level 27 ub-01, ultra beasts are pokemon from an alternate dimension “ultra space” here through “ultra wormhole”.
  • Third island has had battle against guzma, trials against totem vikavolt with sophocles, totem mimikyu with ghost girl, just raided a walled city team skull had taken over called “po town”.

Source: Smogon

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