Pokemon Press Conference Arrives Tomorrow, Direct on June 5th

The Pokemon Company is hosting a press conference tomorrow on Pokemon.com at 8pm CT, while also hosting a full Pokemon Direct on June 5th, at 8am CT. They announced these events through a PR Email, though if you don’t want to just believe me on that one, here’s someone who has some proof.

Obviously we know one of it not both of these events will be talking about the upcoming Switch games, Pokemon Sword & Shield. Beyond that, we’re assuredly going to get some updates for Pokemon GO and possibly some new movie or animated series information. Of course, what excites people the most are the prospects of new game announcements, which is a possibility. Since the release of Nintendo Labo VR, many have been wondering if the Camera game included in it could get re-purposed into an all new Pokemon Snap, a game we haven’t seen since the N64.