Pokemon Moon Full Game Leaks Online


It seems as though Nintendo is having a big problem with leaks as of late. With the recent leaks of the entire Pokedex of Pokemon Sun and Moon, now comes yet another large-scale leak.

The entire game of Pokemon Moon has officially been leaked as a ROM online. This happened just recently, as an anonymous 4chan user somehow acquired the full game. It has since been passed around the internet like a hot potato, going from one data miner to the next. This has led to a plethora of new information leaks ranging from points in the plot, evolution lines, and even the entire game’s soundtrack.

Although the Pokemon Moon ROM was leaked, Pokemon Sun is a different story. According to Reddit user FocusForASecond, any information on the ‘Pokemon Sun ROM’, was more than likely just a troll with a preload of the demo from the e-shop. In that same thread, reddit user _hownowbrowncow_ adds that the ROM is currently unusable to the average person.

“Right now the ROM is completely unusable to the average user. By my feeble grasp of 3DS “hacking” (for use of unofficial programs – not actual hax), in order for it to work you have to have Custom Firmware (CFW) (ie. Linux rather than Windows =>> CFW rather than the standard 3DS operating system) on an older, out-of-date 3DS, and then some sort of emulator program to run a second, virtual console that’ll run the current leaked ROM hack. Current file converter programs to convert the file from the 3DS emulator type to the PC Emulator file type are not working on the leaked ROM as of yet, though may be an available option in the near future.”

As is policy here at Nintendo Prime, we will not be providing any direct links to the ROM itself. As always, remember it is illegal to download ROMs of video games, especially unreleased ones. It’s also a shame this occurred in the first place, as it will be nearly impossible to avoid spoilers for late game events. If we happen to cover any spoilers from any of this, we will be sure to give fair warning before you learn any details.