Pokemon Mega Bloks are Arriving this Summer

My childhood dreams may finally be coming true. No, this technically isn’t Mega Bloks, nor is it the even more well known LEGO brand, something which would really make my dreams come true (who doesn’t love LEGO?). That being said, this is an officially licensed brand that is similar to those two called Mega Construx, a Mattel brand of similar build. It’s okay if you want to confuse them as Mega Bloks or LEGO. The important part is that Pokemon Mega Construx are now officially licensed and will begin releasing starting this summer.

Confused? Well, Mega Construx is technically the same line of toys as Mega Bloks, however Mega Bloks is ironically no longer about blocks, but simply built around other toys. Construx is the new brand moving forward. Yeah, I didn’t know that either.

What matters however is that a Pikachu set (pictured below) and a Charizard set (pictured above) are currently confirmed for release this year.

We don’t have an exact release date, but here is the official announcement:

“Mega Construx brings the engaging world of Pokémon to life in one of the most popular play expressions for kids today,” said Colin Palmer, VP of marketing at The Pokémon Company International via press release. “We bring only the highest quality Pokémon experiences to our fans around the world and Mega Brands’ attention to detail and thoughtful creativity with Mega Construx is sure to delight kids as well as the most passionate Pokémon trainers.”

Source: Kotaku

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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