Pokémon Go’s Latest Update Includes Generation 2 Pokémon in the Code


You may have been hearing about the latest news with Pokémon Go already, but the current update holds the key to what the majority of us have been waiting for since the beginning–the inclusion of more generations of Pokémon. That’s right folks: Gen 2 is in the code!

Users on Reddit found some of the coding for Pokémon part of Generation 2, from Chikorita, all the way down to even the mythical Celebi (and what many people are thrilled about–Ditto!). Of course, I just got the newest update myself, and so far I have seen hide nor hair of any Pokémon besides Rattatas and the occasional Abra (why so many Rattatas…). So when will we see Generation 2?

Hopefully with the next update (godspeed to the developers) we’ll finally get a taste of Geneartion 2.  Although the developers have not directly stated anything about all of this, it’s pretty understandable that they will in due time. They would not have left the code in if it was not part of their plan to begin with.


Besides this great news, the latest update for the app has also included some more welcoming things. First off, bonuses can be earned at both the first Pokémon caught for the day, as well as the first PokéStop visited (better extras are given if this is done consecutively, but I am sure no one will have an issue with that). Additionally, more time has been allotted for those who manage to beat a rival gym to place a Pokémon in to defend–and only you, which means no more steals from other teams! Counter-actively however, the amount of prestige an allied gym reigns over after training will not earn as much prestige as usual. But, if you battle at a rival gym and are victorious, the amount of prestige lowered will be greater. Typical win-lose scenario. And lastly, some general bug fixes that you may have come across since last playing the game.

Personally, I cannot wait for this, as Pokémon: Gold and Silver hold a special place in my heart–this news is quite exciting and I cannot wait to catch a Murkrow or even a Cyndaquil! So, if you haven’t been playing the game recently, now may be the time to catch up and catch ’em all!

Source: Nintendo Life