Pokemon GO Has Passed 1 Billion Dollars in Gross Revenue & is the Fastest App to Reach That Milestone

Pokemon GO is not done breaking records just yet. While apparently the total daily spending has seen a decline, Pokemon GO still is driving heavy usage rates and big earning potential during special events, like last year’s Halloween bash. As such, the game has now become the fastest app in mobile history to pass 1 Billion Dollars in gross revenue, according to SensorTower.

This is huge news, as revenue continues to pour in while the full Generation 2 launch, one that will likely bring many players back into the fold, hasn’t even truly begun. Pokemon GO continues to be a world wide success story that likely won’t be dissipating anytime soon. Niantic, the creators of the game, have already fixed a lot of issues since release over the past 7 months, including tracking, in addition to adding in some new features many wanted day one. There are still even more features in the works, which will surely do nothing but extend the lifespan of this game for years to come.

Do you still play Pokemon GO?

Source: SensorTower

  • Shadsterwolf

    I don’t play Pokemon Go because of the root-block.

    My co-workers play the game still and don’t understand why I tell them it’s a terrible game in terms of how it was supposed to be, to how empty it really is.

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