Pokémon Center Releases Brand New Pokémon Sun and Moon Plushies

The upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games has everyone filled to the brim with excitement. A new game also means new plushies! If you’re like me, plushies are what help bring a little joy into the daily grind of life. I have a multitude of them perched on my bed–so soft and cute~

The Pokémon Center online has added in brand-new buddies available for purchase, including the starters from Sun and Moon, as well as chirimen styles of the Generation 1 starters. Chirimen is “made using silky kimono-style fabric, giving it a beautiful shimmer and patterned texture”, as stated on the description for one of the plushies.

The sizes of the Generation 7 cuties come in at 6.5 inch height, to what is called “Trainer Size”; Rowlet stands at 11″, Popplio is 15″, and Litten at 17″.



The trainer size ones are sold for $49.99, while the smaller at $14.99. It’s always worth it when you can have a new friend to hug and squeeze.

If you are looking for ones of the latest legendaries, Solgaleo and Lanala, they have not been added to the American Pokémon Center roster as of yet. However, if you go onto the Japanese site, they can be found here, selling at 3,900 yen (USD equivalent of around $36). Hopefully they will be available in America soon.

Other poké-plushies from the game, such as the extremely adorable Rockruff and Alolan-form Vulpix, are supposedly to be added in November 18th, so the legendaries might be included in that batch as well. Thus, this would be the perfect time to purchase one for Christmas if you so wish!