Playtonic Games Add Two Former RARE Employees as Yooka-Laylee Development Hits the Home Stretch

Playtonic Games, for all intents and purposes, is essentially a reforming of the old RARE ltd crew combined with some fresh blood. The idea (so far), is to create games like RARE use to make, but don’t seem to currently exist in the gaming market today. At least, that is what their first game is, as a full 3D platformer with a comedic twist called Yooka-Laylee. To ring in the new year, they have announced that they have brought on yet two more old RARE employees that worked on games such as Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo and Kazooie.

Producer Andy Wilson and graphic designer Gary Richards are the two new cats, with over 20 years experience making games. Their roles with the almost complete Yooka-Laylee will probably be small, but this is just the beginning and only they know what comes next. You can see the full posting about the new hires right here.

A bigger question to ask however is if your interested in this type of content moving forward. Yooka-Laylee moved to the Switch (sorry Wii U owners), and might release later than the other versions. Still, are you looking forward to it?

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