NVIDIA: 3rd Party Ports to the Switch Made Simple by Tegra Chip

With the release on the Nintendo Switch coming up in March 2017, there’s been several games that everyone is excited for. You have the usual Mario fans and Zelda fans looking forward to their titles being released and some talk about a Pokémon or a Metroid game. Without a doubt, these are all great franchises that we love. What about other gamers that aren’t so keen on Nintendo’s regular line up? The people who play games on PC, Xbox, or PS4 is an audience Nintendo hasn’t been able to reach. NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is letting us know that the Nintendo Switch will make be easier for third party developers to port games over. Here are the comments he has made about the custom Tegra chip the Switch will be using,

“The quality of games has grown significantly. And one of the factors of production value of games that has been possible is because the PC and the two game consoles, Xbox and PlayStation, and — in the near-future — the Nintendo Switch, all of these architectures are common in the sense that they all use modern GPUs, they all use programmable shading, and they all have basically similar features.”

What Nintendo has lacked in the past is third party support. This chip will help Nintendo have the opportunity to branch out and reach a whole new market. Its a smart business decision on their part. Jen-Hsun Huang did note that there will be differences in performance and design between the chip in PC’s and other consoles versus the Switch. Whatever the differences may be, they all use a common architectural language.

“As a result of that, game developers can target a much larger installed base with one common code base and, as a result, they can increase the production quality, production value of the games,”

Based off of the information we have received so far about this processor and NVIDIA’s relationship about Nintendo, we can really see how Nintendo is trying to make sound business decisions regarding the companies future. These two companies seem passionate about creating an excellent gaming console and Huang wasn’t afraid to say this in regards to Nintendo,

“We’ve worked with [Nintendo] now for almost two years,” said Huang. “Several hundred engineering years have gone into the development of this incredible game console. I really believe when everybody sees it and enjoys it, they’re going be amazed by it. It’s really like nothing they’ve ever played with before. And of course, the brand, their franchises and their game content is incredible.”

With all these tidbits of news and information from press conferences and the like, its makes us even more eager for January 12 for the final details about the Nintendo Switch. Lets hope we can be as confident about the Switch and its ability to simply port games over as Huang is when he says this about the relationship between NVIDIA and Nintendo,

“will likely last two decades.”



Source: Venture Beat