Just how successful was the launch month for Nintendo Switch? We don’t have any exact figures (we’ll be getting those on April 27th at Nintendo’s end of fiscal year investors meeting), but an NPD anlayst that has direct access to the NPD report for March has stepped forward letting us know just how big the month was for Nintendo Switch:

“March 2017 will go down in history books as the month Nintendo broke records.The Nintendo Switch had the biggest hardware launch for a Nintendo platform and the second biggest launch for any video game platform since 1995, the time NPD began tracking this category.

In this debut month (month 1), the Nintendo Switch sold 31K more units than previous best-selling Nintendo month-1 platform, the Game Boy Advanced, which released back in June 2001. The two Nintendo Switch SKUs, the 32GB Gray Joy-Con, followed by the 32GB Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con, were the best-selling systems for the month.”

Source: GameIndustryBiz