NP Podcast Ep. 005: Pokemon Demo Fails to Impress, Plus Mario Switch Rumors Galore

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We’re back a bit later than planned this week but with good reasons, I assure you. You may have noticed (or maybe you haven’t), but this week has been the spiritual “launch” (like, a serious launch, rather than a beta test) of Nintendo Prime. We’re currently hiring and have already brought on board a slew of staff to help out with the daily news grind, create amazing editorial content in the future, and also someone who is going to help us get our twitch streaming started in about a week.

All of this lead to various delays this week as I am not only the host of the podcast, but also the sole editor of it. While I was busy hiring staff and getting this launch off to a successful start (seriously, thank you so much for visiting! We’ve averaged just shy of 15,000 visitors a day, thanks in large part to the fine folks at Zelda Informer. We have an exclusive partnership in place in order to advertise all of our content to their Facebook and Twitter followers, allowing us to garner our very own following much faster than would have been possible previously.), I had to put podcast editing on a delay this week. Good news is that the next episode (episode 6) has already been recorded and should release on time this coming Monday (it’s like you’re getting a double podcast dose in a three day period, woot!).

This week on the podcast, Eric and yours truly discuss why we were extremely let down by the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon demoWe also dive deep into potentially the juiciest Nintendo Switch rumors yet, including some fine details about Mario Switch. As a side note, all of the amazing canvas art seen in the background of the video version was graciously provided by etsy user Canvas64. Be sure to check out their shop to get some of this gorgeous art for yourself!

This week we’re also proud to announce our audio version of this podcast is now available on iTunes. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on there to get automatically updated each week and feel free to toss a review our way (positive or negative, we like honest feedback!). For android users, we do host our audio podcast on Podbean, which does have an app available. You can also download it directly through the link given above. Otherwise, here is an audio only version of the podcast available in stream form:

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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