It took awhile, but our second episode of the NP Podcast has arrived with a brand new setup (or, is it new when we’re just in our second episode? You tell us!). This time around Eric, Darrin, and myself talk about Nintendo’s mobile initiative and then dive into the deep end as we enter a competition for who could come up with the best NX unveiling. Essentially, all three of us came up with our own unveiling event and you folks will vote on who had the best idea. The winner gets bragging rights, but the losers have to recite a 10 second poem about the winner that is nothing but positive. Whether or not we will live stream those poems or just include them in the next episode of the podcast has yet to be determined.

We also as of yet do not have an audio host, thus we do not have an audio only version just yet. Where would you like to see us host an audio only version? Be sure to vote in the poll after listening to the podcast below:

Who's NX Reveal Concept is Best?

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