NP Podcast 008: Recommending a PS4 Over a Nintendo Switch

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Eric and Nate return yet again (and on schedule, whoa!) to talk about the latest happenings in the world of Nintendo. We cover gripping topics such as the price of Super Mario Run, a potential Pokemon GO update, some pretty out there Nintendo Switch rumors (they never end), and a lengthy conversation about why Nate suggested to his dad that he should buy a PlayStation 4, despite the fact the Nintendo Switch will fit his lifestyle so much better. In fact, I have to admit, I feel a bit guilty about the whole ordeal (and not because I hate Sony!).

This week also is the debut of our new microphones. It’s not perfect, but the audio levels are already better than they have been and with more audio equipment (and two much needed chairs) arriving this week, we should be able to to make things even better moving forward. I do apologize however for the first 30 second snafu, and later a handful of minutes where the audio desyncs – using new audio equipment comes with some new problems we’ll have fixed next week. Either way, enjoy! Here is our audio only stream:

  • Anthonie Zapata

    Yeah, so is there like a transcript somewhere? I’m deaf, so podcasts are pointless to me.

    • We don’t transcribe podcasts – it’s a ton of work and none of the “auto-transcribing” software out there works well. Given that this is a conversation based cast, a transcript really doesn’t work well either.

      I’m sorry your deaf, but unfortunately there isn’t much we can do for you.

      • Anthonie Zapata

        Yeah i figured, the deaf community is left out of a lot of similar type things and others not so similar for the same reasons at times, but you never know what’s available until you ask.
        Thank you for the prompt reply.

        • No problem. We do have written editorials too, so those may better serve you, but obviously it’s nothing like conversation based work.

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