Count Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima among those at Nintendo that sees the potential for Nintendo Switch to be Nintendo’s next big thing. That’s not an understatement either. Speaking with Japanese outlet Nikkei, he states boldly that he feels the Nintendo Switch could sell as well as Wii did. That is indeed a bold statement, because Nintendo Wii as it stands today is Nintendo’s best selling home console ever released. We do know they have already ramped up production to meet the high demand that is not currently being met on day one.

He also iterates in his discussions with the outlet that their plans for Quality of Life haven’t been scrapped and we could see some announcements by the middle of 2017. He also stated that he understands there is a demand to see Nintendo characters in a movie, but he can’t say for certain when that will take place.

In the end, I think the most important take away is that the man sitting in the current Nintendo throne thinks the Switch is going to be a global hit. To his credit, he also thought the Wii U was going to flop before it even released, so he’s already 1 for 1 with his sales projections on Nintendo consoles.

Source: Nintendo Everything