Nintendo’s Power Line Reopened for This Weekend Only


Remember the days of playing classic NES games and getting stuck on a level or dungeon? You searched for hours retracing every step you could think of. The frustration starts to set in and you feel like giving up! You couldn’t just look something up on the internet back then. So what did you do? You could wait until the next day when you went to school or work and see if your friends passed that part but that’s a whole day away! You want to finish it now to get to the next step in the game! That’s when you call Nintendo Power Line! Nintendo Power Line was a gaming help desk of sorts. You’d give them a call and they would help you get through the game or give you some neat little tips.

Nintendo Power Line has been reopened for a short time due to the release of the NES Classic Edition. The line is open this weekend only.┬áIf you haven’t called in yet, you should give it a shot! Here’s the number. (425) 885-7529. Here’s a full recording of the Nintendo Power Line from this weekend in action:

Here’s what you’ll find when you call the Nintendo Power Line. First you will hear a promotion for the NES Classic Edition and a little info about Nintendo Power Line. Next, you’ll have the option to hear tips for three great games, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. You will also hear a little bit about some of the original gameplay counselors of Nintendo Power Line.

Unfortunately, there is not live help like there was back in the day. It’s all pre-recorded information, but still a very awesome callback to a bygone era.

Nintendo has really kicked up the nostalgia factor lately. From the NES Classic Edition with 30 fantastic games all the way to Nintendo Power Line opening up again. It’s bringing back some great memories! Even if you didn’t get a chance to pick up the NES Classic Edition, I highly recommend giving Nintendo Power Line a call, just for old times sake. Did you know all the tips and secrets that are on Nintendo Power Line? If you did, let us know in the comments!