Fire Emblem: Heroes Announced For Android and iOS, Releases February 2nd

The Nintendo Fire Emblem Direct has more information on the Fire Emblem series. Heroes is a mobile game in which various heroes become the player’s allies. The heroes are from across various Fire Emblem entries. There are simple controls, which are done via touch screen. The heroes are identified by their attributes. New heroes can be summoned using orbs, which can be found throughout the game. Orbs are also available at an additional cost. There is an event going on at the official Fire Emblem website.

Stages are cleared when every enemy is defeated, and heroes level up. The battle system appears to be similar to a classic Fire Emblem style. There are also hero battles that are timed, and if the player is successful, the hero will be added to the player’s allies. The pre-registration opens on January 19th on Google Play and the Apple Stopre. Heroes will be available for Android and iOS on February 2nd. Here’s a look at some of the gameplay:

  • Theodore Homdrom

    I’m not a big mobile gamer, but dang this looks fun. I can definitely see myself playing this for a few minutes every day, just slowly building a roster of characters and having fun. I love that they’re pulling characters from the entire series, and the chibi art style combined with the gorgeous redrawn 2D art gets me really stoked.

  • Chris Jagucki

    I’m not a big Fire Emblem fan, but I will try out this game and see if I like it.