Nintendo Unveils Plans for Fire Emblem Heroes’ Future


Fire Emblem Heroes is a recently released mobile game. It plays like a classic Fire Emblem game and features characters spanning the series. Recently, in an interview with IGN, the game’s director reveals plans for the future of the mobile game:

We plan to add new stories continually after release, at a pace of about two a month or one every two weeks…We also plan to add things like new characters and skills, as well as new game modes that go in different directions from the current gameplay. – Kouhei Maeda

It appears Fire Emblem Heroes will have a lot of content added to it to keep the game interesting. How do you feel about this update? React in the comments!

Source: IGN

  • Forrest

    Much loved. Anything to keep this game fresh is good.

  • Jack Longman

    There was an interview Maeda did that was covered by Perfectly Nintendo. They elaborate a lot more on what they said to IGN.

  • Caleb Anderson

    Add quality drops, FPS, etc. Whatever you can to make us poor people with crap phones able to play.
    2gig ram is quite a lot for a phone game.

    Big fan of the FE series. Played every game that’s made a NA release and some (like Gaiden) that never did.