Nintendo Unveils Neon Yellow Joy-Con & Battery Life Extender

A new color of Joy-Con will be available with the launch of ARMS. In the recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a future launch of the Neon Yellow Joy-Con which are in celebration of the release of ARMS. The pricing of them matches the pricing of current Joy-Cons at $49.99 for an individual Joy-Con and $79.99 for the twin pack. The straps also cost the standard $7.99 if you want some neon yellow straps.

Beyond that, Nintendo also announced a new battery attachment for the Joy-Con. The attachment slides on like the straps do and allow the use of two additional AA batteries to extend the current 20 hour battery life of each Joy-Con. They also add significant girth to the Joy-Con, potentially making them more comfortable to hold. Unfortunately, no release date or pricing was unveiled for the United States, but we do have the below listing from the Nintendo Direct in Japan:

This new charging attachment seems promising, and the energetic new color seems to fit the style of ARMS well. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Direct

  • avalpsychicguy

    “extend the current 20 hour battery life of each Joy-Con.”
    I thought they were only 8 hours. 20 hours sounds more like the battery life WITH the extender.

    • Kenneth Nyman

      Nah, I’d buy the 20 hour battery life. I’ve played Zelda around 3 hours a day for close to a week and only then did my joycons die.

      • avalpsychicguy

        Well, I have no idea where I got that notion from, then. I suppose never really ran into a situation where my Joy-Cons would run out of battery even if they WERE 8 hours, because I put them into the system to charge at least once per day, meaning they never run out.

    • No, each joycon lasts 20 hours. My original set that I fully charged overnight haven’t even died yet and they haven’t been charged since, one month out. Both have logged around 24 hours of playtime total. I now main a blueset I leave hooked up all the time.