To be clear, we’re talking about 10 million Switches this fiscal year. That being said, President and CEO of Nintendo of Japan, Tatsumi Kimishima, spoke with Japanese publication Nikkei saying the following about that 10 million unit target:

“I don’t think we can readily achieve the target [of selling 10 million consoles].”

To be clear, this was speaking from the point of people buying 10 million units, rather than a concern they can’t produce 10 million units to sell in the first place. Nikkei goes on to note that one particular 3rd party company was asked by Nintendo to bring their major games as soon as possible. Here’s that quote:

“An executive at one software company said Nintendo asked it to introduce major releases ‘as early as possible.’”

No word on which company that is, but clearly Nintendo is worried it wont be able to hit i’s own sales projections with just Nintendo based games. While I think that worry is being overblown, I do like the idea that Nintendo isn’t resting on the current success and instead pushing content makers to bring major titles to the platform. Certainly, major 3rd party game support is going to really help maintain and push Nintendo Switch momentum, and it appears the current CEO is dedicated to getting that sort of support.

Source: Nintendo Everything