Nintendo Treehouse Shows off Ever Oasis, New Trailer

Ever Oasis is an Action Adventure RPG that’s in development by Grezzo for the 3DS. Characters can be female as well as male, and players can change their character’s clothes without worrying about their character’s stats changing. Weapons will effect characters’ stats, however. Characters are made up of four clans, which are Sirca, Seedling, Lagora, and Newts. Players can grow their oasis by having their Seedlings open up shops, which Newts, who tend to be rich, can buy wares from the Seedling’s Bloombooth.

Anything in Ever Oasis can level up. A player’s oasis, characters, and Bloombooths are all uprgradable. Players can also send out expedition teams for spoils or items. Sending out expedition teams will not impede a player’s adventure. Players can have multiple teams made up from new characters, who can appear in the oasis. These characters may move in to a player’s oasis. Players can keep track of their oasis by watching the bottom screen.

Hieroglyph Labyrinths are side dungeons that players can scale with slabs, and gold slabs create a challenging labyrinth. The labyrinths are randomized stages, so loot, enemies and rooms will be different upon revisits to the dungeon. The doors in the mazes are color coded, so you can guess what kind of room is behind the door. Some rooms contain puzzle elements. When in battle, players can switch between characters, which is useful as different weapons are effective against certain enemies. Players are free to shape rooms by choosing which color they want doors to be. Players don’t lose the slabs they use to scale the labyrinth, so they can reuse slabs. Mini bosses appear in the maze, and bosses appear at the end of the labyrinth, so players will want to choose how they build their labyrinth carefully. Exit points exist within the labyrinth, should players wish to cease adventuring. Exiting a labyrinth in this way will save treasures that were collected up to that point, but players will lose out on what else is in the maze. The treasure that is found in labyrinths cannot be gotten elsewhere.

Players’ characters will level up when they head back to the oasis, rather than on the battlefield. Expedition teams level up on their own once they return from exploring, giving players the chance to freely focus on their team. Players can fast travel in their oasis as well as make their oasis larger. Synthesizing weapons/items can be done in the main character’s house. When it comes time to add more people to your oasis, residents can tell players about possible incoming characters.

 Ever Oasis seems like an engaging RPG. A free demo available is now available on the 3DS eShop. Here’s the official E3 2017 trailer: