Nintendo Switch’s Super Bowl Ad Sees Positive Results

The Nintendo Switch ad during the Super Bowl was among the top 5  “new” ads during the Super Bowl in terms of audience impact. We have to specify new, because there were some Super Bowl commercial ads that were just repeats of ads that have already been running on TV. However, for a Super Bowl specific ad, Nintendo did very well according to Ace Metrix, a company that tracks the impacts of advertising.

They published a list of the best performing ads during the Super Bowl based upon “Attention, Likeability, Information, Change, Relevance, Desire and Watchability”. Here’s the top 10:

  1. Ford – Go Further* (appeared before and after the game)
  2. Audi – Daughter
  3. King’s Hawaiian – False Cabinet
  4. Nintendo – Switch & Play
  5. Kia – Hero’s Journey
  6. Skittles – Romance
  7. LIFEWTR – Inspiration
  8. Febreze – Halftime Bathroom Break is Coming
  9. Wonderful Pistachios – Ernie Gets Physical
  10. Honda – Yearbooks

Whether or not this will translate into sales will be hard to determine, but we’ll see if consumer demand for the system remains high after the initial launch.

Source: Ace Metrix

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