Here’s an odd one. According to an editor at Kotaku and several Nintendo Switch owners on Reddit, installing Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition leads to issues with the Nintendo Switch essentially becoming sentient. What’s happening is that after installing the game, the Switch will decide on it’s own to start taking screenshots. Sometimes it is once every hour or so, but some have said it happens every 20 minutes. Sometimes it takes a single screenshot, while other times it takes 20+ in rapid succession. It also reportedly even wakes the system up from sleep mode, docked or undocked, to do it. And it’s not just happening in Minecraft – once the game is installed it’s been happening in enough titles that it’s safe to say that at least for digital titles, it’s a pretty big issue. We can’t confirm if it happens when you insert a gamecart too just yet.

There is one person who is reporting having this issue while only owning Mario Kart, but again, having it happen since last Friday (Minecraft’s release date). Whatever is going on, be it triggered by the release of Minecraft, the installation of Minecraft, or just a coincidence with some update on Nintendo’s side of things, this is a very annoying issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I have not experienced this issue myself and I don’t presently own Minecraft, but I was planning on picking it up later for my daughter. For now, I am going to avoid the game until Mojang or Nintendo themselves address this issue.

Source: Reddit