Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Now Available for Pre-Order at GameStop

This will be a super quick update as we want to share this information before they are sold out. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is now available to pre-order as a stand alone item on GameStop’s website. Good luck folks, as this controller has become increasingly hard to get any hands on.

  • Didact

    You guys need better GameStop connections. These have been available for about a week and are already sold out at my location

    • They become available last week Friday at most local gamestop locations, and were only available online as a bundle. Today, they are now available online as an individual controller (sans bundle).

      You don’t need connections to pay attention to online retail. 😉

  • Marandahir

    It’s a little odd that the controller is listed in the NES section rather than the Switch section. Almost like they’re trying to hide it to keep it from selling out – or to direct people to buy the bundle first and foremost…

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