Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Just Cleared United States FCC

Have you been wondering why literally no retailer in the United States would let you pre-order a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? It’s because the controller had not passed the United States Federal Communications Commission, a requirement for any international company to sell a product in the United States. We now know this not because Nintendo filled anyone in, but because the FCC just posted public documents on the approval. That means we Nintendo was unable to legally sell the controller in the United States until just now.

It’s interesting that they didn’t file for approval at the same time that they had all the other Nintendo Switch accessories, and since Nintendo of America is the one listed on the claim you have to wonder if someone made a pretty serious goof. The alternative, of course, is that the Nintendo Switch is being rushed to market and thus all the filings for it had only happened very recently, with the pro controller taking a little extra time for approval.

Either way, it has now been approved, so it’s possible that we may be able to finally pre-order it later this week. Of course, you still could have imported the controller, as there is no restrictions on doing that.

Source: Reddit

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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