Nintendo Switch May Cost $250

Today, Canada’s Toys’R’Us listed a placeholder price of $329.99 CAD. At the current exchange rate, that’s $243.54 American dollars.

What is a placeholder price? A placeholder price is a rough estimate of what the actual price is going to be. This means that the price can change closer to the release date. To know what the actual price is, we will have to wait until Nintendo’s announcement on January 12, 2017 of the exact release date, price, and specs.

With the release of the Switch set sometime in March of 2017, only a few short months away, it’s possible Nintendo has shared some prices or other information with companies like Toys’R’Us. Nintendo needs the Switch to really hit home with consumers. The Wii U had a tenth of the sales that the Wii did and half the sales of the GameCube. Nintendo has a lot of revenue to make up for. If they price the Nintendo Switch too high and it’s not as powerful as the newest consoles, Nintendo may be looking at a repeat of the Wii U and Nintendo does not want that.

It would be fantastic to see the Nintendo Switch launch for the same price as the Wii did back in 2006. It would be even better if the Switch was as popular as the Wii. Let’s just hope the Switch isn’t as difficult to get as the Wii was (or even the NES Classic Edition) during the holiday season of 2006! Hopefully Nintendo delivers a fantastic console that we can all appreciate for years to come at a great price of $249.99.

Source: Game Skinny