Nintendo Switch January Event Set for the 12th at 10pm CST

Nintendo has finally announced the exact time for their January 12th Nintendo Switch event happening in Japan and streaming all across the world. They will be kicking off the event at 10pm CST, and we’ll include other timezone conversions for you below.

January 12, 8 pm PT (West coast NA)
January 12, 11 pm ET (East coast)

January 13, 4 am GMT
January 13, 5 am CET (Central Europe)
January 13, 1 pm JST (Japan)
January 13, 3 pm AEDT (Australia)

Will you be tuning in?

Source: Twitter

  • Peace Boy

    I would appreciate it if anyone could suggest a way for me to stay awake all night so I can watch it at 4AM. I tend to fall asleep quite easily even if I don’t want to when I’m trying watch YouTube in bed. :/

    • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

      Mountain Dew. Don’t drink it, stick some in a syringe and blast it straight into your heart. Results may vary.

      • Peace Boy

        WHAT THE HECK?
        I’m not infecting my body or anything like that thanks.
        I seriously hope you’re joking.

        • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

          It may infect your body, but Mountain Dew is great for your soul.

          • Peace Boy

            I don’t want to take extreme methods thank you.
            Also, you said syringe… I hate needles.

    • Mountain dew guy was kidding, you don’t inject a soda into your blood stream, lol.

      That being said, the answer is simple – don’t stay up late. Go to bed early, set your alarm, wake up at 4am and have that be how you start your day.

      • Peace Boy

        How early would you suggest? I have college and I don’t get back until 5:15 then I have dinner at about 7:00 usually.

  • Alexander Bodine

    8pm, huh. Well, at least it’s not happening first thing in the morning.

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