Nintendo Switch is Getting its First “VR Headset”

At one point in time, Nintendo patented what apparead to be a VR headset for Nintendo Switch, suggesting they at least were exploring the possibility of doing VR on the platform. Rumors even circulated back in those days about Resident Evil 7 being brought to the system in VR. Of course, there were a lot of things that didn’t make it ideal, such as the fact that the screen is only 720p and true VR is best experienced in dedicated headsets, versus slapping a tablet into a headset.

Still, VR with mobile devices isn’t dead and is still supported by companies like Google and Samsung, so it’s definitely at least has a small market to mess around in. While Nintendo never brought their own headset to market, another company has decided to do just that.

Sure, it’s not the first headset compatible with Nintendo Switch, but it is the first VR headset to be built specifically for the Nintendo Switch, especially in this more traditional confirguration.

Releasing at a early pre-order price of $50, the NS Glasses will be taking pre-orders soon and is compatible with all games. While it’s impossible to deliver a full VR experience since Switch does not support this, they are using some clever tricks to simulate the experience which could indeed be pretty neat.

It will be using color switching technology, which essentially means it will try to “draw out” specific colors , giving a visual trick to make things look 3D. I am guessing that how well this affect works will vary from game to game. Also remember when I said the 720p screen is a bit of an obstacle, only made worse by the fact that most Switch games don’t use AA of any kind. Well, they have a solution for that as well so we’re not just seeing a pixelated mess. Their lenses apparently “smooth the pixel count” to make things look cleaner and appear to be at a higher resolution than what the game is actually playing at.

Yeah, I’m not sure how well that will work.

The headset at least looks the part.

The design does allow for the Switch to properly cool itself and for you to leave the joycons attached if they need to charge (so if you plan to swap to a pro controller, as an example).

This is certainly an interesting concept and while I have some doubts on how well this works, for $50 it might just be one of those products we buy just to see if it’s something even worth a passing glance. Prior efforts at VR for Switch really didn’t attempt to do any true 3D, but instead took the Switch and made it appear, to our eyes, like we were playing on a 120 inch display. While that’s awesome, that’s more of a movie watching experience which is something google cardboard helps achieve with our phones.

We’ll update you when this becomes available for pre-order and outright purchasing after we review it.