Nintendo Switch is Breaking Nintendo Launch Sales Records, Breath of the Wild Included

Nintendo Switch (and conversely, Breath of the Wild) is breaking launch sales records in many areas of the world, including our home base in North America. Before we get to those sales, lets visit an official press release from Nintendo that talks about the whole of Europe. According to Nintendo of Europe, Nintendo Switch sold more during its launch weekend than any piece of Nintendo hardware in history. In addition, Breath of the Wild itself also sold more than any other game during their launch weekend, including packed in titles such as Wii Sports (again, all in Europe).

In Japan, the system moved roughly 330,000 units, which didn’t break any records but did come in ahead of Wii U but behind Wii. It also is completely sold out.

Meanwhile, Reggie Fils-Aime claims that Nintendo Switch is the best hardware launch sales wise in Nintendo’s entire history in North America (the data itself spans the first two days of sales) and that Breath of the Wild was their best selling stand alone launch title ever, eclipsing their previous champion, Super Mario 64. (Was not compared to pack-in games for this).

While we naturally do not have exact figures just yet, this does put things into perspective. Nintendo Switch has clearly flown off shelves at a level Nintendo hasn’t really seen, and Zelda is one of the massive catalysts for it.

Source: Nintendo PR, Famitsu, Nintendo Everything

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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