Yes, the Nintendo Switch is indeed a portable system that requires only the Joycons and the tablet unit to go with you to enjoy console level gaming on the go. However, what if your travel needs exceed a typical use case? Maybe you want to bring your dock with as well to game on the local hotel TV, or you simply want to bring your unit over to a friends house in its entirety as you spend the night? Sure, you can toss everything in a backpack… but do you feel 100% secure that they are properly protected?

Well, a simple, somewhat affordable, solution is up for preoder called the Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe System Case over on Amazon. It will run you a cool $39.99, but it includes a lot of great features as well. Here are the details:

  • Deluxe System Case – Holds and protects complete Nintendo Switch system with a durable 1680D hard shell case for maximum protection and comfortable carrying handle
  • System Storage – Sectioned Compartments secure Screen with Joycons attached, Charging Cradle, AC adaptor with Power Cord, Joycon Grip or Switch Pro Controller
  • Mesh Pocket – Holds HDMI and USB cable, Game Card and Micro SD Case
  • 2 Game Card Cases – Each red transparent game card case holds 4 Nintendo Switch Game Cards offering dust free protection
  • 2 Micro SD Card Cases – Each red transparent case holds 2 Micro SD Cards and fits in any section of the Game Card Case protecting your SD cards from dust

Now that’s a concept I can get behind. While I am unsure who this sort of travel case really would be needed for besides myself, I did just pre-order it.