Nintendo Switch Exclusive Seasons of Heaven Announced, Looks Gorgeous

Well, this was unexpected. It seemed like if any new game was going to be announced for the Nintendo Switch it would be during the January 12th event, but of course not every studio may have to hold to that. As an example, we know Ubisoft announced Just Dance 2017 for the platform and Dragon Quest X has been confirmed previously. However, in both of those cases we haven’t seen the titles running on the system and neither of those titles are exclusive.

That is what makes today’s announcement by Any Arts Production interesting, as it is a Switch exclusive that Nintendo themselves appears to be backing (not too unsimilar to the way they are the reason Bayonetta 2 and Devil’s Third happened). Today, Seasons of Heaven was unveiled with some screenshots and art by French outlet GameBlog, with an interview and gameplay footage coming next week. The game itself looks absolutely stunning:

So what exactly is this game about? Here’s a tease:

One of America’s great authors, Louis L’Amour once said, “There will come a time when you believe that everything is finished. Yet, that will be the beginning.” In Seasons of Heaven that is exactly what a small group of people who find themselves survivors of the greatest purge every known will ultimately come to realize. In their struggles to survive on a stripped and barren earth, they will learn that humans across the world literally died as a result of their own careless actions. Centuries of lying waste to the very land that sustained them was what would kill them in the end. The animals would be killed and eaten into extinction. The water needed to sustain all life would be polluted until it was undrinkable, and the air would be filled with waste that would suffocate the oxygen that was vital to their survival and the survival of everything else on earth. As the survivors learn to survive in a whole new world they will have to remember that the very things that gave their fellow humans a sense of superiority and even omnipotence were what had killed them in the end. Seasons of Heaven will take you from deep inside of a mystical forest at the beginning of time all the way through to the twenty-first century and the fall of civilization. It will take you on a journey with Yann, a young boy with Asperger’s syndrome and his faithful companion, Ani, a French bulldog who Yann is able to communicate with through telepathy. As you follow along on their journey you’ll have the opportunity to meet the rest of the major players and bear witness to the enlightenment of some and the demise of others. This story will allow you to experience the awe of discovering the most beautiful, magical place that ever existed while at the same time staying only one step ahead of the dark and vile underbelly of the human race.

Humanity wiped itself out. A journey about a young boy with Asperger’s syndrome. Sign me up! Some users on NeaGaf are claiming this game was originally pitched to some pretty big companies, such as EA, though none of them picked up the title and the studio itself is a pretty small team. Obviously given the studio has announced it is a Switch exclusive, that means Nintendo did pick up the title. Still can’t believe this game is real? Here’s a shot of the game being played on a TV:

Unfortunately, we can’t see if it is being played on a PC or a Switch dev unit (and if it was a dev unit, it’s doubtful they are allowed to show that off anyways). We can tell the person playing is doing so with a wired controller, though that is not unusual for a dev unit. What is undeniable however is the initial screenshots seem to be showing off a 21:9 aspect ration, while naturally the image above is showing off a typical 720p or 1080p resolution. Thus we don’t know what can be taken away from those screenshots in terms of the final product.

The last screenshot is interesting though, as it includes black bars, suggesting the game may have some sort of photomode allowing you get take screenshots of a grander vista type move, not too unsimilar to the way some PlayStation 4 games let you do it. So, there is some evidence to suggest this may be footage of the game on a Switch as well.

It’s hard to make a determination one way or another. However, as noted earlier we’ll likely find out next week in a new interview with some exclusive gameplay. One thing is for certain – if the final version of the game looks anything like this (and runs well too boot), the Switch is certainly capable of current generation goodness, as this is the most visually intensive game we have seen for the system yet. They also released a couple pieces of art:

Next week can’t come soon enough.

Source: GameBlog (via NeoGaf)


Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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  • Fabrizio Silveri

    This is amazing!
    Actually, it’s so good it seems a fake, because if that’s the graphics we’re expecting from Switch games any discussion about power melts away at the speed of light…
    Let’s hope it’s true…

    • It looks like it may be made with Unreal Engine 4, and the company that created that engine already said the Switch fully supports UE4. Whether or not these graphics are final, we won’t know right now. But uh, even close to this is incredible. It looks literally on par with the current gen systems out now.

      • Fabrizio Silveri

        It looks even better than most games on the current gen!
        Wow, if they managed to pack a PS4 in a tablet that might really be a game changer (pun intended)

        • Epic Ninfia

          well its rumored undocked its xbox one level but docked boosts to ps4 or a bit stronger

          • Fabrizio Silveri

            Some other rumors say it’s never at the XBO level, but that’s the problem with rumours, you don’t know if they’re true 😉
            We don’t know if these pictures are true either, right, but at least they give me hope!

        • Lupo Borracio

          Like 70% of the PS4 is a disc drive.

          So it isn’t that hard…

          • Fabrizio Silveri

            ….what do you mean?

  • Jared Gauthier

    The game looks awesome.

    Side note: I’m pretty sure the phrase “to boot” does not use “too”.

  • John Gardiner

    This looks so great. Like graphically it looks fantastic yep ok sign me up

  • Blake Wigert

    With graphics like this I wonder what excuse 3rd parties will come up with to not support the Switch

    • Epic Ninfia

      they are supporting devs like it its comfortable stop saying thy wont

      • Blake Wigert

        History backs them not supporting the Switch, which is just like the WiiU, it has a touchscreen controller, which devs hated with the WiiU, so why the sudden change of heart? Is all the WiiU needed was some oomph in the graphics department to get 3rd party support? I can say what I want, I don’t believe I’m out of line or anything, I’m simply stating facts: 3rd parties have never really been fond of Nintendo, particularly in recent years. Hell, the WiiU nearly had a blanket ban on 3rd party games, we didn’t get squat. With the WiiU, Nintendo’s first attempt at an HD console, they worked their butts off to try and make it friendly to 3rd party companies, who initially pledged support, only to retract said support. If the 3rd party company had a contrct with Nintendo and pulled out, legal recourses should be taken, but if the contract was only verbal, then it really had no meaning to begin with. We Nintendo fans are just sick of being shafted when it comes to 3rd parties, that is the entre meaning of my original comment. 3rd parties often cited the lack of powerful graphics as a reason to not suport Nintendo, and now that they have the graphics and power, I wonder if 3rd parties will support with no issues or try and find another reason to not support. Think about it: Nintendo’s legendary games, free online, provided they can keep it free, and full proper 3rd party game support? What reason would there be to get a Sony/Microsoft device? Keep in mind that the majority of their sales are 3rd party games.

        • Devs hated two screen gaming and the lack of comparable power. Switch so far has neither issue.

        • electric ocarina

          educate yourself a little. history does not back it up. 3rd parties haven’t always had the best relationship with nintendo no, but the wii u was really the first console of theirs that had a significant lack of 3rd party support. even the wii got almost every last gen call of duty game and there’s a bigger power gap between it and the other 7th gen consoles then the wii u has between it and the 8th gen consoles. There was more to it then that. The wii u itself was just overall difficult to develop for. The structure of the console was very different from that of the ps4 or the xbox one so porting games took to much time and money and often they couldn’t even get the ports to run well. ultimately it was the wii u’s low sales numbers that kept 3rd party games off of it. no matter how underpowered or over-complicated a console may be a company will develop for it if its popular. And no matter how powerful or simple a console may be a company will not develop for it if its unpopular. If the switch sells well its going to get 3rd party support either way, and look at the damn thing. its going to sell

  • avola

    Oh wow it’s so gorgeous and it sounds like a lot of care was put into the story. Can’t wait to find out about the gameplay.

  • Hopefully it’s not a walking sim, it does seem to might deliver on puzzles and such, so I think it’s very promising atm.

  • Zadamanim

    Looks like the beginning of the Yokai Watch anime…