Nintendo Switch Concerns – Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 13 (Part 5)

The Nintendo Switch is something we here at Nintendo Prime are insanely excited about. In fact, just today I layed down a pre-order on the Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller, even though I earnestly don’t think I really need it, especially day one. However, I am so interested in how it feels in comparison to the Nintendo Switch joycon & grip collaboration while playing Breath of the Wild that I simply had to have it for that reason alone.

That being said, the Switch is far from perfect and in the final part of this week’s Nintendo Prime Podcast episode, Eric and yours truly discuss some of our deepest concerns for the Switch as we creep closer to that March 3rd release date.

Also, if you really want to hear the full Nintendo Prime Podcast as a singular thing, we now have the entire episode up for your listening pleasure.

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