Nintendo Stocks Fell Abruptly During US Presidential Election



On November 8th, at around 8pm in Tokyo (12am Pacific), Nintendo’s stock declined rapidly for several hours while the US presidential election hung in the balance. Nintendo’s share value started the decline at 24,530 yen and fell 6.16% to end the day 22,915 yen. The Nikkei 225 also had a depreciation of 5.36% making Nintendo’s losses slightly higher than the average in their index.

Nintendo’s stock tend to fluctuate rather frequently. This year alone Nintendo’s share value has peaked at over 32,000 yen and plunged to below 14,000 yen and has been especially known to fluctuate strongly due to world events (see Brexit).  Once the presumed winner Mr. Trump gave his acceptance speech, the markets settled.

Nintendo Share Value Nov 8th, 2016 (Bloomberg)
Nintendo Share Value Nov 8th, 2016 (Bloomberg)
Nintendo Share Value over the last 30 days (Bloomberg)

Financial experts believe that this small drop was due to the pending election results. Laith Khalaf, Senior Analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown is quoted saying:

“Initial stock market reaction to the Trump victory was a short intake of breath, followed by a shrug.”

Nintendo Stocks did turn around today and steadily climbed back to recover almost all of last night’s losses, closing today at 24,415 yen.

Source: BloombergNintendoLife