Nintendo Stock Tops Tokyo’s Fiscal Trading in Fiscal 2016/2017

Nintendo is doomed, right? With fiscal 2016/2017 coming to a close, we’re starting to get a pretty good picture of how Nintendo did financially, even if we won’t know exact figures until Nintendo reports them at the end of this month.  According to Nikkei, Nintendo’s trading value (a combination of stock price and trading volume) rose 4x year over year, topping the overall charts in Japan. This beats out Toyota and Mitsubishi, making Nintendo stock the most valuable in all of Japan this past fiscal year.

In fact, any major corporation that didn’t have any Nintendo stock would actually lose out value compared to the market average, showing just how impactful Nintendo stock was and continues to be. The total valuation was at 17.6 trillion yen (roughly $157 billion). A large part of this is attributed to the success of Pokemon GO and the good numbers being put up by Nintendo Switch (which helped maintain momentum at the end of the fiscal year).

It’s obviously hard to ignore Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes – both of which may have less numbers than investors think they could generate, but nonetheless likely turned over rather massive profit margins overall. With Nintendo’s continued dedication to smart device gaming and the rocketing success of Switch out the gate, 2017 is poised to be another big year for Nintendo.

Source: Nikkei

  • RiverDevil

    All this means is that trading volume of the stock was abnormally high — mainly because ignorant “retail” investors flocked to buy during the pokemon go craze — not realizing Nintendo’s upside was limited from the product given it was not the sole (or even majority) owner. In fact, that was precisely why trading was so high. people rushed to buy the stock, then quickly unloaded it (rather than holding it), vastly increasing the number of transactions, which skews this meaningless metric

    Not that stock price is a good indicator of financial health, but the better and more meaningful news is that while Nintendo is still down a lot from its 52 week high (at the height of pokemon go), it’s still nearly double what it was trading early in 2016

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