Nintendo Spent More Money on Advertising in March Than Anyone Else in the Game Industry

I know what you’re thinking – of course Nintendo did, right? I mean, they were the only company to launch an entirely new generation of hardware in March. Still, it’s not so much that their number 1 that matters, is the amount they spent on advertising, who they targetted with it, and at what rate that is really impressive. Here’s a rundown from VentureBeat:

“Nintendo leads the pack with just over 30 percent of the spend for the gaming industry (an estimated $18.3 million), and it’s the only brand in our top five ranking that ran commercials during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The company aired 16 spots over 4,100 times and generated 583.5 million TV ad impressions. The commercial with the most spend (which was also its top spender last month) was “Believer,” featuring music by Imagine Dragons. Nintendo spent the most on ads that aired on Nick, Adult Swim, and Comedy Central, as well as during the NCAA tournament, episodes of South Park, and Nickelodeon’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards.”

To give you some perspective, 33 brands (including Nintendo) spent 59.3 million dollars on 92 ad spots that appeared over 21,800 times with a total reach of 2.4 billion impressions. Nintendo obviously represented a significant chunk of that. That’s a lot of spending (and advertising in general), as Nintendo has typically never spent this sort of money that quickly.

This is just for TV mind you, it doesn’t include their traveling Switch setup with John Cena, nor any in-store or online advertising.

Source: VentureBeat

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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