Nintendo Says My Nintendo Could Get Physical Rewards, Details Complications Towards That Goal

My Nintendo is a rewards system offered through Nintendo that often receives a lot of criticism for not having decent rewards for its members. In an interview with IGN, the president of Nintendo of America said that Nintendo is thinking of offering physical rewards for My Nintendo members. However, with any advancement comes challenge, so Nintendo is currently trying to figure out how to make such a rewards system benefit My Nintendo members across the globe.

“From the Nintendo of America standpoint, we have it as a priority to make My Nintendo much more meaningful moving forward…[Physical rewards] could [come to My Nintendo]…The challenge I would just share is, unlike Japan, which is a very concentrated market, I’ve got to create solutions that are going to work for Canada, that are going to work for Latin America,” he explained, noting that because it’s a “much more diverse marketplace… physical goods gets a little more challenging…could I envision unique physical goods as part of the program? Sure. But it really needs to work for all of our consumers, not just the consumers in the United States.” – Reggie Fils-Aime

It seems like Nintendo is trying to address the desires of My Nintendo members. However, it is too early to tell what exactly will happen with My Nintendo moving forward.

Source: IGN