Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 011: The Forgotten December 2016 Episode

Well, this has been different. With the holiday season finally behind us (though let’s be real, nothing matters until Switchmas on January 12th and 13th) and in trying to get myself back into the swing of things, I noticed we never published our final podcast episode from last year. Recorded almost three weeks ago, this final 2016 episode arrives in 2017, hoping you all still find the conversations relevant.

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Due to audio syncing issues, we do not have a video version, but I sincerely hope you can forgive us given we gave you our first unique video feature, gushing over Super Metroid just last week. Speaking of this episode specifically, we talk about the launch of Super Mario Run and cover our absolute frustration in how Nintendo of America has handled the NES Classic Mini.

We’ll be back next week in full video goodness for our first true episode of 2017. We have a lot to talk about, given next week is literally Switchmas!

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