Nintendo Officially States Pokemon Sun & Moon Pirater Bans are Permanent


Sun & Moon has just only released as one of the highest praised generations in the franchise’s history. Marred in the pre-release hype was the fact that the games leaked online, with Nintendo responding by dropping the hammer. Nintendo quickly followed up those bans with a public statement. Today however, the plot thickens further as the rumors of the bans only lasting 15 days appears to be false – Nintendo has officially stated via email that these bans are permanent:


So there you have it. The debate over permanent versus temporary has come to an end.

Source: Nintendo Everything

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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    • Anthropomorphed

      Actually: No.
      There will be no ban to stop the real hacker under us 🙂

  • David

    So you sell the console and buy a new one. problem solved.

    • Michael Knight

      Except that gaming stores don’t buy banned consoles anymore you can thank trollmunchies for doing selling them so often

  • Tao

    On the other hand, release a game simultaneously worldwide rather than days-months later and less people will feel the need to pirate it.

    Or alternatively, join the modern gaming world and stop region locking consoles then the worldwide releases Nintendo don’t seem very capable of doing wouldn’t be an issue.

    I’m not condoning piracy, but Nintendo’s dated and out of touch ways of doing things don’t exactly make me want to say “Good job, Nintendo. That’ll teach ’em” when these people get around these unnecessary limitations.

    • If people feel the need to pirate games because they can’t show the patience to wait a week (as is the case with NA and EU release for this game), then that’s absolutely silly and shows a lack of self control. Heck even if games come out months or years later (hello, Xenoblade Chronicles), that still is a really poor excuse for pirating.

      If anything, it’s an excuse to hack your system so it’s region free. And I think everyone agrees with your region free remarks and so far, it appears the Switch may finally hop on board.

      And worldwide releases are still an issue. Generally it’s all localization delays. (or in the case of Xenoblade, sales/budget issues)

  • Claeris

    The poor grammar seems to imply that the email is fake… plus, Nintendo doesn’t usually send out emails with its bans.

    • Garrett GMan Dunn

      I seem to disagree with your assessment. It appears that someone who was banned contacted Nintendo support about it and this was a reply.. And as far as the grammar, you know how google translate is.

    • Yepi69
    • Dillon Castro Darr

      its also translated from German into English so the grammar is going to be off, especially if it was an automated translation.

    • Matthew Slusher

      actually, i assume the person sent in a ticket about it, that’s why they sent an email.

    • It’s because it’s a translation from German. The original is linked by Yepi below (was something I was unaware of at the time of posting). Either way, it’s definitely an official email.

      • Claeris

        k, I got it