Nintendo is Hiring an ‘Anime Series 3D Designer’



Recently, Nintendo Co., Ltd. updated the careers section of their website and added several new positions including a 3D animation designer. These positions are available to fill in both the Tokyo offices and in Kyoto.

Qualifications for the position specifically involve working with 3DCG character animation.

“Work experience of 3D animation with 3DCG software… In-game in the video production, demonstration, animation production experience, such as pre-rendered.”

As of yet, there is no confirmed information containing what content this animation position is for, but we’ll keep you updated as new information is released.

Some translations may be slightly incorrect due to Google: Translate and I apologize in advance if there are errors. If you wish to view the content in its original Japanese, I encourage you to check out these sources.

Source: Nintendo Careers PageJapanese Nintendo3DCG Qualifications