Nintendo is Promoting Battlefy’s Splatoon eSports Tournaments



Remember when Nintendo showcased Splatoon as an eSport during the reveal trailer? It turns out Nintendo is taking Splatoon‘s prospects as an eSport very seriously, as it has now partnered with and is actively promoting Battlefy’s Splatoon eSports Tournaments. We aren’t 100% sure as of yet the extent of this partnership, beyond Nintendo showing official support. Still, this marks the first time we have seen Nintendo actively promote Splatoon in such a fashion.

So how can you get in on this eSports love? Here is how Venture Beat explains it:

“Starting now, Splatoon teams of at least four players can sign up for upcoming tournaments on the Battlefy website. This Saturday, for example, is the finals for a three-week-long tournament for the Splat Zones game mode. Once you sign up for a tournament on Battlefy, the platform handles everything else. It tells you who you’re playing and when. Since Splatoon does not natively work with Battlefy, teams will have to self-report the results of each match so that Battlefy can update the bracket.”

This may also mean that Splatoon on the Switch may end up supporting Battlefy natively moving forward, but time will tell. Battlefy chief gamer Jason Xu also confirmed the partnership:

“Nintendo publishes some of the most loved multiplayer franchises in history,” said Xu. “Smash Bros. has proven to be a lasting esports property with a strong grassroots community, and in a growing franchise like Splatoon, we’re very excited to partner with Nintendo on bringing their freshest IP into the esports spotlight.”

I’m stoked. How do you feel about Splatoon becoming an eSport?

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