Nintendo & Hori Reveal How Splatoon 2 Handles Voice Chat on Switch

I’m stating this for the record right now – this is absolutely ridiculous. Alright, I got that out of the way. Nintendo has licensed HORI to create the official Splatoon 2 headset and today it was unveiled and posted by both HORI and Nintendo’s official Splatoon twitter account new details about the Splatoon 2 headset, which is currently exclusive to Japan. Normally folks wouldn’t be up in arms about a simple headset, as they have been around for decades and practically every single electronic device in existence uses them in the same fashion.

But not the Nintendo Switch. Earlier this year Nintendo said you would use your phones for voice chat through their online app, which will eventually cost money to access later this fall. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime explained away the concept as wanting to simplify the concept of voice chat while on the go by doing away with “clunky headsets”. We actually talked about how silly that notion was back in January.

Not only is the first time we see voice chat on the Switch with one of those “clunky” headsets, it’s through one of the most convoluted setups ever, setting a precedent that could be extremely troubling for the prospects of voice chat on the system moving forward. Here is how headsets work (so far) on Nintendo Switch:

Yeah, that’s not looking good. At least the other images kinda sorta make the actual headset itself look nice?

Source: NeoGAF